Environmental Policy Statement

Essellar Waste and Resource Management


As a Waste and Resource Management consultancy, Essellar Waste and Resource Management is committed to promoting the highest standards of practice and operations which have the least negative effects on the environment and where possible, engage in practices which enhance the quality of the environment.

Further details of individual aspects of the policy can be supplied on application to Essellar Waste Management.


In summary, Essellar Waste Management is committed to practices which address amongst other things the following points:

  • Compliance -will comply with all statutory requirements in respect of environmental regulation and where possible strive to exceed minimum performance requirements and encourage others to do so.
  • Transport -In its day-to-day business operations, will use public transport as the preferred means of travel for meetings, consultations, site visits etc unless this is not practicably possible.
  • Purchase & Procurement -will consider the whole-life environmental impacts of goods and services needed for the operation of the business. Where possible, goods and services will be purchased from the most locally available suppliers, thus supporting local businesses and reducing the environmental impact of transport miles.
  • Consumables -will use stationery supplies which contain a significant recycled content. Will use re-chargeable batteries for equipment rather than one-trip batteries.
  • Disposals -equipment, computers etc. at the end of their useful life will be disposed of in the most responsible way. The first option will be to offer equipment of all types for refurbishment or re-use following the principles of the waste management hierarchy of options. In the event that no suitable second user can be found, materials will be disposed of responsibly in accordance with prescribed standards and best practice. e.g. WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)
  • Energy Efficiency -ensure most efficient use of energy in all the activities of the business including heating and lighting of premises, electricity use for equipment and fuel for transport.
  • Waste Management Hierarchy -waste reduction. As a specialist Waste and Resource consultancy, the business will follow the principles of the Waste Management Hierarchy of Options and will encourage clients and supply chain organisations to do the same.
  • Peer group/ supply chain behaviours -where possible influence the practices of suppliers, associates and others to encourage good environmental practice.
  • Continuous improvement and Review -wherever possible, to use all opportunities to implement practices which will result in reducing the environmental impact of the business. This Environmental Policy Statement will be reviewed from time to time.