Waste Audit

“There is no such thing as garbage, just useful stuff in the wrong place.”
- Alex Steffen

It is now widely recognised in most industries that good waste management practice as well as being environmentally desirable has many other benefits.

Essellar offers a range of services for improving existing waste management practices within organisations. One area of interest in which businesses are showing increasing interest is Waste Audit.

Waste Audit is particularly relevant to manufacturing operations but can equally be used in other sectors, for example, Facilities Management, especially where operations are carried out over a number of sites.

Waste Audit techniques can range from simple desk-top studies to walk-through inspections through to complete analysis of all waste management activity within an organisation.

Experience shows that in most cases, financial savings will derive from whatever type of Waste Audit is chosen. In addition to financial savings, environmental, reputational and other dividends will also result.

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