Service Reviews

“Continual improvement is an unending journey”
- Lloyd Dobyns and Clare Crawford-Mason

Operational services can often benefit from a periodic review to ensure that they are performing in the most effective way.

Whether the services are provided in-house by the local authority or by a contractor, an independent, objective review of the service is often beneficial. Service reviews typically involve an examination of existing service provision, including current resource inputs and outputs together with an assessment of their effectiveness and efficiency. This is accompanied by the production of a report together with recommendations for improvements to the service.

Further assistance can be given in devising an improvement plan based on the findings of the service review and if required. assistance with mobilisation of the plan.

Examples of Service Reviews conducted by Essellar on behalf of clients include;
  • Various Street Cleansing operations
  • Commercial and Industrial waste collection operations
  • Review of income control systems for Trade Waste
  • Operation of Household Waste & Recycling Centres (HWRCs)
  • Control mechanisms for prevention of misuse of HWRCs
  • Vehicle suitability and selection for operational services
  • Public toilet provision
  • Waste Management enforcement policy

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“When the local authority needed a comprehensive review of its Commercial Waste Service, it was important that we engaged a consultant with extensive relevant experience in the subject. Essellar was selected as the preferred consultancy. A thorough analysis of the service was made and a comprehensive report, containing recommendations for improvements was produced. The project was delivered on time and in a professional manner to the complete satisfaction of the client”

DAVE RICHARDSON Former Head of Service, Gateshead MBC
brighton council