Waste Improvement Plans

“There’s always stuff to work on. You’re never there.”
- Tiger Woods

Waste Management is a constantly changing landscape.

Whether you are in the public sector as a waste service provider, a waste management contracting company, a manufacturing organisation or a third sector group, the demands placed upon you in respect of managing your waste can be onerous.

Some organisations have found it beneficial to periodically review their activity by introducing Waste Improvement Plans.

The reasons for the need to implement Waste Improvement Plans are many and varied and will depend on the sector and activity in which your organisation operates and what outcomes you would wish to see realised first. One of the key drivers for this in recent times has been the realisation that waste rather than being something to be simply got rid of as quickly as possible, is in fact a resource which has to be properly managed.

Typical issues which are commonly addressed in developing a Waste Improvement Plan include amongst other things the following:
  • Compliance
  • Innovation
  • Cost savings
  • Environmental impacts
Dividends from developing and implementing a Waste Improvement Plan may include amongst other things:
  • Financial benefit
  • Marketing advantage
  • Lighter touch regulation
  • Social benefit
  • Reputational benefit
  • Environmental benefits

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