International Work

Essellar has considerable experience of working outside of the United Kingdom.

Experience includes;


Investigating practical issues around improving household waste collection in Kosovo.

Further work involved examining the opportunities for commencing schemes for recycling some elements of household wastes and potential treatment options. The work was done on behalf of NI-CO (Northern Ireland Co-operation Overseas Ltd).


Working to identify opportunities for improvements which could be made to the collection systems for household waste within municipalities in Ukraine and exploration of opportunities for introducing recycling schemes.

Trade Missions

Essellar has participated in trade missions from the UK to European countries.

He has presented technical papers to international delegates who were keen to learn about good practice in a selection of waste management subjects Including: managing fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles, organisation and structure of waste management in the UK and reference to legislation and regulation.in the UK.

Presentations have been made to delegations in Budapest, Hungary and Krakow, Poland.

Technical Presentations: Spain

Essellar has presented technical papers on two occasions to conferences of ATEGRUS, the Spanish national waste management professional body.