Waste and Resource Management for Facilities Managers

Waste and Resource Management is forming an ever-increasing part of the work of the Facilities Manager (FM).

Not long ago the FM responsibility would have been simply arranging a regular waste collection service either through the local authority or directly through a waste contractor and that would have been it- other than for an occasional one-off clear out.

Today, FMs face an increasing need to comply with legislation and regulation in a way which could not have been conceived not so long ago. Ensuring compliance with The Duty of Care for Waste Management, dealing with hazardous wastes, ensuring due diligence when dealing with  contractors and managing litter problems on site all fall to the FM.

Added to this, satisfying the aspirations of employees, clients and other stakeholders in respect of good recycling and waste reduction practice can be an onerous task.

Essellar is available to offer assistance to Facilities Managers in the above and other related areas.

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Waste Management for Facilities Managers